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Shared Space. Connection. Good Food. Nourishment

Our story



It's where our inspiration and passion started brewing a few years ago. This is an area where we’re witnessing a dynamic growth in recent years with the hopes toward an amazing future at the heart of our city; located in the Garden State surrounded by local and sustainable farms.

What excites us the most is the idea of becoming part of the building blocks that shape the future together with like-minded folks.

Given the increasing complexity of all of our lives; the background noise surrounding us, the decreasing attention span and the ever-changing digital fabric of the future we believe finding a good balance is necessary for overall well-being.

At our new community eatery, we’ll be taking a journey back to square one by bringing back old values, while embracing new ones.

Here, you will find nourishing food with natural ingredients from local farms to be shared with our customers; our friends. Journal Square is a diverse neighborhood, so is Square 1. We strive to delight our neighbors through connecting with the things that matter to us in every stage of our lives: delicious food and community.

We hope that the core ingredients of our belief system, Shared Space. Connection. Good Food. Nourishment will enrich our Journal Square community and beyond.



We reserve the right to add a 15% service charge to all phone-in or to-go orders for 10 people or checks over $150.00.


Take a look at our breakfast and lunch catering options. We'd be happy to help you make a great impression anytime of the day. If you’re interested in a custom menu for a party at your home, a private gathering at Square 1, or elsewhere; we are here to serve you and our community. Delivery to your door is also an option for orders over $200 for an additional $25 fee.

We order produce and bread daily and prepare everything from scratch. If placing a catering order; for more than 8 people, we'd appreciate 36 hours notice so we can ensure all our customers don't miss out on any of our offerings. We reserve the right to decline orders based on our ability to provide everyone the quality food and service we are committed too. We reserve the right to add a 15% service charge to all catering or phone-in to-go orders for 10 people or $150.00 placed without sufficient notice. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Call us for more information at: 201-386-8500 or send an email Chef Thomas at


Use our business catering partner EZCater and place your order on their platform.


who we are

As co-founders, we all are the living embodiment of “Square 1”: A diverse group of like-minded people with a strong sense of family, friendship, community service and most importantly, a shared passion for food.



We are inspired by not only classic American recipes, but also by global flavors, ingredients, and tribal diets from around the world.

Mory: “I've had a healthy relationship with food since I was a kid eating corn off the cob right in the field of my grandfather's farm in western Kansas, devouring my state fair cotton candy way before my sisters and loving mountain oysters so much I couldn't stand the excitement when they were being fried. As a young boy of about 12 years old I was fascinated with the idea you could go somewhere and someone else would wait on you and cook food for you. I started my career with a hospitality degree, then attended culinary school - worked for Jean-Georges Vongerichten before entering the publishing world at Martha Stewart Living Food and Wine Magazine as a recipe developer and food stylist. While there I got a call from Food Network who hired me to start their test kitchen and 14 years later I'm excited to begin a new venture to build on these accomplishments and relationships.”

Mory: “It's so easy to become obsessed with food trends and lose yourself. Square 1 will focus on the basics: classic, simply prepared dishes using quality ingredients from our regional producers.”  

We named our eatery “Square 1”, because we are truly back at Square 1 at so many levels in our lives. 

Nick: “The perfect combination of location and a community hungry for a wholesome place to congregate. Having good food is just a plus.”

Mory: “Once I started hanging out in the neighborhood and talking to people, I began to visualize a unique space for local, simply prepared food, baked goods and quality coffee. I wanted to be a part of the growth in an area poised for greatness.”



Marty: “I grew up in a traditional Italian family. My mother was a terrific cook and there was always an abundance of freshly made food. At any given time, day or night, friends and family could stop by to eat, and they did! I'd like to re-create that "our door is always open" feeling in my own establishment.”

All four partners are intrenched in the fabric of Jersey City. Two partners, Laura and Marty, are born and raised in Jersey City and both own successful small businesses. The other two, Nick and Mory, moved to the Heights in 1999, and also have a thriving small business and founded the non-profit Washington Park Association of Hudson County.  All have a penchant for community service, striving to put our parks first as vehicles for family health and fun. We are very excited to be a part of this community.


We all enjoy entertaining, cooking and sharing with friends and families and in this new chapter, we believe it is time to serve the community on a larger scale. It is a new beginning for us…

Marty: “The name reminds us we are starting out with good solid basics.”


Laura: “I see it as an extension of what I do and love: community outreach, family, friends, sharing good food, building relationships, providing a service, creativity.”

The friendship between us, the co-founders, which goes back to our involvement in the Jersey City Parks Coalition is now gaining a new dimension as we all are ready to nourish and reconnect with people through our healthy, casual, comfortable and communal food destination at Square 1.

 Enjoy it to the fullest!


We are eager to establish a strong sense of space at a casual, comfortable and communal food destination just a 12 minute walk north from the Journal Square PATH station.

We are located at the corner of St Paul’s Avenue and Liberty Avenue. To give you an idea about our neighborhood, Journal Square is undergoing dynamic growth in Jersey City. As a whole, Jersey City is the 2nd most diverse city in the United States. Our immediate neighbors consists of more than 7 small, medium and large condominiums, 2 schools and the well-known Indian Square, as well as single and multi-family homes, businesses and a transportation hub.

In addition, there's Mana Contemporary, a growing international art complex for storage, exhibition and artist studio spaces. Tenants like Parlay Studios, bring added flare to the area as a full service film and production rental studio for films, fashion, retail, entertainment, publishing and arts.

We hope you enjoy our neighborhood as much as our food.




(201) 386-8500



283 St. Paul's Avenue,

Jersey City, NJ 07306



Closed Mondays

Tuesday - Sunday 

8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Indoor and Patio Spaces available for private event rental with catering from Square 1.



Contact Us

Please contact us if you need more information by filling out this form or email Chef Mory Thomas at

Square 1 does not take reservations. Our service-style is counter service with food delivered to your party. No waitstaff. Tables are given on a first come first serve basis. Large parties of 6 or more can most easily be accommodated best during off-peak hours. We are a BYOB establishment.

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square 1 - communıty eatery

283 St. Paul's Avenue,

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